Piñataland at Barbes

August 26, 2011

Why yes, we are playing yet again at Barbes, on another Friday night. Old habits die hard (which is perhaps a good band slogan in general.)

And oh yeah, we have a new album. We’ll have it there at the gig too.

Where: Barbes
When: August 26th 11:00pm (Greta Gertler at 10:00!)

See you there!

Hymns for the Dreadful Night Party

May 13, 2011

Come celebrate the new Piñataland album, Hymns for the Dreadful Night which will have come from the printeres not moments before the gig.

Where: Barbes 376 9th Street Brooklyn
When: Friday, May 13th
8:00pm Robin Aigner and Parlour Game
10:00pm Piñataland

Tyranny of Dave in Chicago

April 2, 2011

Hey folks -

Tyranny of Dave plays this Saturday, April 2nd in Chicago with some fabulous bands.

Where: Gallery Cabaret 2020 N Oakley, Chicago
When: April 2nd
10:00 Painted Saints
11:00 Ami Saraiya
12:00 Tyranny of Dave

Tyranny of Dave non-solo show

October 28, 2010

It’s just me and Brittany and a whole mess of BBQ at the Horseshoe BBQ over at 4115 N Lincoln in Chicago. It’s free! And I made a special trip to go check out the BBQ a couple nights ago and it’s damn good. So come on by. It’s been forever since I’ve seen you and I miss you horribly. 9:30pm on the dot!!!

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