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July 31, 2009


My name’s Joe, I live in Homestead, FL and a friend of mine told me about your band which at first I admit I thought was a horrible sounding idea, I mean obscure historical rock, but like, you guys are pretty damn great and I think you ought to do a show down here at the Coral Castle. I heard your song Latvian Bride which I guess is my favorite because I live five minutes from and remember going to the Coral Castle like as a kid, I think I had a birthday party there once, and it’s just a great concept for a song and I mean your work is really solid. So y’all should give it some thought,

[the letter ends here abruptly]

Dear Joe,

Your compelling (albeit depressing) observation does indeed ring true. Many times over the course of our career we have asked ourselves that very question: is the mere notion of “obscure historical rock” a “horrible sounding idea”? After well over a decade making music under that very label, I’ve lately been haunted by the creeping feeling that you may be onto something. Perhaps it is time to reconsider…

No! No reconsidering! Pinataland will…must…soldier on, cranking out music ever more obscure, ever more “historical”, ever more “rock”! Your thoughtful words, Joe, (I refer, of course, to “pretty damn great”), shall be the fuel for the Pinataland engine during these three performances:

September 11: Banjo Jim’s, East Village, Manhattan

October 9: Barbes, Brooklyn

December 11: Barbes, Brooklyn

Save the dates! Details for all shows to come to this site (and our facebook page) shortly, as well as even more that I’m currently in the process of nailing down.

Now, will a performance of “Latvian Bride” (a song that details the obsessions of one Edward Leedskalnin) ever occur at the Coral Castle in Homestead, FL? If only 50 residents of that area say they’d come, and the Coral Castle folks agree, and Billy Idol gives his blessing, the answer is a resounding…maybe.


Crystal ball

June 10, 2009

Watch this space for upcoming shows.

Barbès‎, Brooklyn, 8:00 p.m.

May 22, 2009

Treat yourself this Memorial Day weekend to a special evening of music with the country-meets-Kurt Weill stylings of Piñataland. Strange-but-true history. New and old favorites.

Regulars Doug Stone, Robin Aigner, and Bill Gerstel on harmonies and drums join the terrific Deni Bonet (Robyn Hitchcock) on violin, the legendary Dave Hofstra (Microscopic Septet) on tuba, and the ubiquitous Josh Camp (One Ring Zero) on piano. Then at 10:00 p.m. one of New York’s best country artists, Jack Grace

Barbès‎, Brooklyn, 8:00 p.m.

March 13, 2009

As all collapses around our ears, let’s take a moment to remember 2 things:

1. We still have it better than the pitiful denizens of that vast orgy of murder, the sea

2. If you’re out of work with no massive inheritance squirreled away in your collection of silken purses, Piñataland’s show this Friday at Barbès is free

So come and feel wanted and welcome as we spin heartwarming musical tales of:
imminent collapse
new jersey ‘leapers’
lovelorn astronauts
telegraph hoaxes
credit catastrophes
forgotten national anthems
a-bomb worshipping scientists
beloved atheists
kentucky conspiracies

and much more…

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