Tyranny of Dave non-solo show

October 28, 2010

It’s just me and Brittany and a whole mess of BBQ at the Horseshoe BBQ over at 4115 N Lincoln in Chicago. It’s free! And I made a special trip to go check out the BBQ a couple nights ago and it’s damn good. So come on by. It’s been forever since I’ve seen you and I miss you horribly. 9:30pm on the dot!!!

Piñataland plays at the Waterfront Books and Authors Festival

June 26, 2010

Come celebrate water and books! (It’s like the opposite of going to a book-burning.) Piñataland will be joining the Waterfront Books and Authors festival at Red Hook’s wonderful Waterfront Museum which takes place from Noon-4:00pm.

Featured authors and books:
Gabriel Cohen, The Ninth Step and The Graving Dock
Trevor Corson, The Story of Sushi, The Secret Life of Lobsters
Jessica DuLong, My River Chronicles: Discovering America on the Hudson
Ben Gibberd, NY Waters
William Kornblum, At Sea in the City: New York from the Water’s Edge
George Matteson, Tugboats of New York
John Waldman – Heartbeats in the Muck
Terry Walton, Harbor Voices
Nathan Ward, Dark Harbor: the War for the New York Waterfront

And Piñataland will pepper the event with a few sets of our water-themed numbers (of which we seem to have quite a few. Who knew?)


Pinataland on the Water

June 21, 2010

We’ll be performing at the Waterfront Books and Authors Festival this Saturday afternoon (June 26th) in Red Hook, Brooklyn. The fest looks like the great way to spend the day – relaxing on a barge, listening to writers and their intriguing insights into the history of cities and water, and listening to 2 sets of waterway-related tunes from us. We’ll be on at 1pm and 2:30, directions and info on the link above.

New Tyranny of Dave album now available

May 18, 2010

Dave’s new album chronicling the political and personal disasters of the Bush years is now available for free download over at http://tyrannyofdave.bandcamp.com so go and get it!

The Decline of America Part One: The Bush Years

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