New t-shirts in production! Old DW album now free.

February 10, 2010

Hi everyone! Just a quick update on two things. One is that our new t-shirts are about ready to be printed. All of you who supported our kickstarter drive who pledged at the t-shirt level should get them soon…well, sometime early March probably.

Also, Dave’s old solo album, Vacations, has been rereleased under the new moniker, the Tyranny of Dave. If you have the old one, all that’s changed is the name on the cover. But now it’s free free free. Dave’s planning on having all Tyranny of Dave releases be free downloads. You can pick it up at and the site supports downloading the songs as mp3s or CD quality, lossless files. Also, it’s rereleased under a Creative Commons license, which means, go ahead, play it, share it, burn it, sell it to someone else. Whatever you feel you need to do, go ahead.

Centralia entering its last days

February 5, 2010

Apparently, the government is getting serious about clearing out the last holdouts in Centralia, PA. Here’s the article in the Associated Press. Thanks to Kent Hall for sending it to us. You can listen our song about the Centralia holdouts right on this site by going here.

Pinataland @ Galapagos this Saturday 1/30, 6pm

January 26, 2010


Pinataland will be performing a fun show this Saturday January 30th at 6pm Galapagos in Brooklyn’s DUMBO as part of a benefit for the group Save Coney Island. The event starts at 3pm and goes into the night, with rootsy music, bluegrass pickers, us, and later, burlesque (rowr!).

You can get info about the event here.

And here’s info about the group Save Coney Island.

And here’s how to get to Galapagos.

Come on down and join us right by the waterfront for a good cause and some fun times. This time Pinataland will be:

Deni Bonet
Robin Aigner
Bill Gerstel
Dave Hofstra
Doug Stone

See ya!



January 15, 2010

Hey everyone!

Thanks so much for your Kickstarter donations. We met our goal and have already started laying down the foundation (i.e. the drums) of the new album. For those of you to whom we owe t-shirts, song-writing workshops and home concerts, you shall be hearing from us.

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