Plastic Owls covers Sleepwalkers

May 19, 2009

Another entry in the cover song contest: Baltimore band Plastic Owls.

The first entry in our cover song contest.

April 30, 2009

Listen to 3 yr old Alethea’s version of Everyone Says That I Love You.

New recording from a live session at WNYC

April 28, 2009

Listen to it here.

Announcing the Piñataland cover song contest

April 7, 2009

The rules are simple.

1) Record a cover of a Piñataland song. Audio, video, whatever. Recording quality doesn’t matter. It doesn’t necessarily have to be from one of our albums. Could be you just heard it live. We’ll provide chords/lyrics to any songs on request.

2) Send us a copy of your version by the end of May.

3) We’ll post all the entries on our Facebook page.

4) The maker of our favorite version of one of our songs gets to come into the studio with us to help produce a track on the upcoming album.

It’s really that simple. So don’t be shy. And don’t be afraid to make the song your own. As people who regularly change chords and/or lyrics when we cover songs, we’re all for hearing different takes on our stuff.

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