Songs for the Forgotten Future, Vol 2


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“Instrumentation that is old-time Nashville by way of gypsy caravan, and songs that celebrate both the heroes and misfits of American history (mostly the misfits), and point toward visions of our country that are best described as collapsed potentialities rather than where it actually went. Basically, the sound of what America might have been if it had zigged instead of zagged at some indefinite point in the past.” —The Whatever

“Epic swatches of spaghetti-western, Appalachia, and folk sounds revive obscure tidbits of history with an enthusiasm that speaks more to deep-seated fascination than gimmickry…. Piñataland takes its time to craft evocative tracks, rather than just playing up their inherent quirkiness.” —The Onion

“Piñataland’s stylishly anachronistic sound draws as much inspiration from books and newspaper accounts of past disasters as it does from equally antiquated strains of folk music. The title of the group’s upcoming release, Songs for the Forgotten Future Vol. 2, perfectly captures the Brooklyn outfit’s quirky, occasionally ominous, out-of-time portent.” —TimeOut Chicago

“If the idea of “historical rock” scares you, don’t let it. These songs have a casual thoughtfulness and in many cases a sense of humor that matches their utterly unique subject matter. This cd takes awhile to get to know, but stick with it: the payoff at the end is worth your time.” —Lucid Culture

“In these troubled times, do we need a band that puts the chaos of history in perspective, one that finds the silver lining in the dark stories of the past? Perhaps,but Piñataland is not that band, choosing instead to plunge the listener into a strange, bygone world of failed utopias, crackpot dreamers and bizarre observations.” —Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn