Songs from Konijn Kok



The Devil’s Airship
Everyone Says That I Love You
Tunnel of Tears
Hell Helps Me Laugh
Coney Island Funeral

In the press

“Obsessed with the days when World’s Fairs really meant something, they’ve devised a charming historical song cycle for a penny-candy lineup whose tuba, fiddle, and accordion are herded along by guitar and drums. Lyrics concern the three-mile-long painting and the electrocuted elephant; between song soundbites are graced by vintage crackle.” —Village Voice

“This Brooklyn acoustic combo examines modern Gotham life through the cracked lens of Weimar republic-era cabaret. It’s a laughing-through-the-torture good time that sprinkles circus melodies on top of gypsy and waltz rhythms by reaching back 80 years for its musical amulet, Songs from Konijn Kok is an alternative view of the three-ring maelstrom that is NYC. Listen and understand how your grandparents expressed their sepia-toned angst.” —Sound Views, NYC

“Piñataland creates a world – and that world has little or nothing to do with Indie Rock or Whatever Rock – which makes me all the more partial to it, they lay down a world-weary groove that would not have been out of place in a Berlin cabaret circa 1932. The differential in emotional temperatures between [Doug and Dave] somehow make the whole thing work; that plus the strikingly melodic tuba, the Bulgarian-folk-inflected violin, and the circus-vaudeville approach to drums.” —Brooklyn Rail

“What’s up with these guys? Don’t they realize when they’re living? God, Piñataland, wake up and smell the future! It’s all thoughful, it’s all complicated, and it’s all very non-traditional, though clearly calling upon very old traditions indeed…you’re forced to follow along, recognizing that good original music shouldn’t be a novelty at all.” —Antimatters, NYC