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About the album

Songs about travel, romance, home and the rich inner life of someone who outwardly appears to do absolutely nothing.

Recorded in authentic digital lo-fi in Dave’s apartment, some various apartments in Brooklyn and on a porch in Woodstock, NY, this is not a Piñataland album, though it features Piñataland folks on some songs.

In the press

An ethereal piece of melancholia…songs that daydream about the illumination of travel, the way the world seems less scary and more inviting from the road, or about the manners and methods we employ to reinvent home and all to whom it applies. — Swordfish Blog

This is a good headphone album, all longing and restlessness and inventively melodic songwriting, perfect for a rainy night if you’ve chosen to spend it at home in lieu of stomping through the puddles in search of revelry. — Lucid Culture

Imagine David Byrne singing 70s-era Paul Simon songs, and you have an idea what kinda good time you’re in for. — Customer review on Emusic